Information Technology Consultation Services

SI2S Consultation Services catalogue has been divided into various technology disciplines described in summary below. We limit our catalogue Consultation Services in order to remain focused on providing the best technical and professional services possible to our partners.

This is the corner stone of consultation services that we provide to our partners. Our focus is to Lead and Direct security teams to integrate system security at the beginning and throughout varying information system solutions were applicable and necessary to comply with industry standards. Our proficiencies include the proper placement and delivery of Firewalls, Access Control Lists, Intrusion Detection Sensors (IPS), Identity Management (IdM), and Multi-Factory Authentication (MFA) technologies, we remain vendor agnostic and propose the solution that will deliver the best results for the environment.
Here SI2S Services will help our partners with measuring risks for their private and public services. We assist in evaluating the security posture and compliance of critical business services and the supporting transport infrastructure. Review the current security policies, procedures and standards, provide recommendations as needed to facilitate a working framework for enforcing concious security practices that postures the company to continue to do business while mitigating the ever incrementing threat vectors of the internet.
The way we, our partners, and their customers are doing business with one another today is changing to an ever increasing mobile and wireless engagement. We can deliver the solutions that will help you meet the needs of your customers and your mobile work force that are embracing the capabilities of mobile wireless technologies. Delivering these capabilities coupled with security helps to keep pace with some and leap frog other competitors who are not exploiting the benefits of a mobile and always connected work force.
SI2S services evaluates and assess current network infrastructure, we provide technical direction regarding the secure operations of a computer network securing the data systems transport at the network switch and router. We now deliver open source solutions that provide our partners with data at rest encryption we also endorse other industry solutions that deliver support contracts.
We know that in the IT industry today many of our partners have engineers and administrators that move around and look to developed there skill sets while continually challenging themselves with other technologies. This is why we are one of the first consultation companies in our industry to provide an Education and Training Service that helps to maintain continuity in the vast disciplines of IT. Our partners don't need to worry any more about the wealth of knowledge the senior engineers are leaving with, we have engineers that will map out your company technology services, assets, and infrastructure.